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on insights , knowledge and expertise

After almost 7 years of success in working this cause - We find  it is For REAL but it's also DYNAMIC for the following reasons​​:

1. The criteria and qualifications change and are

    tweaked constantly.

2. The need to know what to say to the attorney when you first

    contact  them. They are so busy if you don't know what you

    saying to them -  They might just pass you by without looking

    into your qualifications and return your calls.

3. We help sort out your qualification and establish your


4. Attorneys are HUMANS too - There are very good ones, OK

    ones and  NOT TOO GOOD ONES.  Their work can be

    affected by life elements  and circumstances just like you and

    I do.  A "right" attorney can have an  affect on the amount  you

    are going to recover. 

5. In almost 7 years - We have seen hundreds of cases matured

    and seen  many mistakes made by the former players. (Our


6. We are not attorneys - We work for you and are paid by you;

    therefore  we have your best interest in heart.

7. After a case is filed - The process is similar to a POKER

    GAME and the strong shall win!   We have seen the game

    being played for almost 7 years and we are here to share our

    expertise and  experiences with you.                                      

BY LAW:  You have the right and you should choose your own attorney

​​​​​​​​It’s our experience, knowledge and duty to warn you that there are Runners and Cappers out there for attorneys. Such runners and cappers generally only take you to ONE particular attorney.  Such action is highly illegal and if proven guilty, the attorney would lose his/her license, the runners and cappers could be fined and/or go to prison and the worst of it all – Your contract could be voided.  The immediate problem would posted up on you is – Limited your possibility to get the best qualified attorney to represent you. Usually the cappers and runners are people of your PEERS and they paid by the attorneys. The former players (People of your peers) can give you a suggestion but they cannot be paid by the attorneys on doing so.  (For more information on “California attorney capping and runners” – Use Google search) The runner would not give you the option and your right because he works and paid by ONE  attorney.


The filing process cost NOTHING until these cash benefits can be put in your hands. We charge 5% of your final settlement amount. If there's

NO RECOVERY there's Absolutely NO CHARGE.

" Not really comfortable with attorneys? " 


We have years of experience with their individual track records - By the way they've operated on cases, the amount they have settled for and most of all their; ​"REPUTATION" 


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    All Rights Reserved

30G-100G+ cash for sports injuries compensation for those with

somekind of CALifornia Connections

"and majors of all genres of sports"